The Catholic University of America

What are we doing to ensure we are ethical and compliant?

We have implemented the Compliance and Ethics Program.

  • The Program reinforces our ethical culture, and promotes an environment where accountability and compliance with laws and University policies are not only encouraged, but expected of everyone.
  • The Program provides you with resources to help you determine the right course of action in specific situations you may encounter on the job. For example:
    • How many hours may my new part-time employee work?
    • How do I administer payroll?
    • How should I address a request for family or medical leave?
    • What types of purchases and expenses are allowed?
    • What purchases can I make with a University Procard?
    • What types of records or information are confidential, and how do I protect them?
    • What do I do if I suspect theft, fraud, or some other financial irregularity?
    • What do I do if I suspect a crime has been committed?
    • How do I dispose of old electronic equipment?
    • How do I dispose of old records?