The Catholic University of America

I am pleased to announce the online Compliance Awareness Training website. Ethics and integrity are the foundation of our mission at The Catholic University of America. They are necessary to our success. Individually and collectively we are accountable for understanding and complying with the laws and policies related to our work.

This training has been developed by the University’s Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer/Chief Privacy Officer as part of the University’s Compliance and Ethics Program. It is designed to reinforce our ethical culture, identify legal risks in our work activities, and introduce you to the resources in place to help you meet your compliance responsibilities.

I have done this training, and I urge you to do the same and to become familiar with the University’s Compliance and Ethics Program.

So that the University can maintain a workplace where ethics and compliance are inseparable from our daily activities, all employees (faculty and staff) will be required to take this training once every two years. The training can be accomplished quickly and easily, and participation will be tracked to ensure compliance.