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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is required to complete this training?

All CUA employees. This includes all faculty, staff, temporary employees, contract staff, and contract faculty. Use the following rule of thumb: if you are on CUA’s payroll, then you should complete the training.

Which version do I take?

The home page provides a list of all major departments/schools/offices on campus. Locate the one that corresponds to your area of employment and click on the training box above it to begin the training.

Why do I have to do this training?

To help protect our students’ privacy.

How often do I need to take the training?

You are required to take the training every two (2) years. We encourage you to re-take the training on your own initiative if you feel you need a “refresher”.

I don’t have access to a campus PC. What should I do?

Not all CUA employees use a PC as part of their every day work responsibilities. For this reason, The office of Human Resources has a desktop PC available for those employees during business hours.

I am experiencing technical difficulties. Some of the images are not loading. What do I do?

The campus PC that you are using may require updating. Contact Technology Services (TS)

I don’t see my department/school/office listed. What should I do?

E-mail the HR Training Team or call the HR main desk at 202-319-5050. E-mail inquiries will receive a faster response.

I am unable to complete the training online. What should I do?

For those employee who require assistance, please contact HR at 202-319-5050.

Do I need to complete this training before I get Cardinal Station (PeopleSoft) Access?

Yes. Access to Cardinal Financials and Cardinal Students is granted following the completion of FERPA training. This includes new and transferring faculty and staff. This also applies to existing staff and faculty who have been granted additional access privileges. This information is provided on the Access Forms.

I have lost my confirmation e-mail. What should I do?

Contact the HR Training Team to verify your participation has been recorded.

I have specific questions related to FERPA. Whom do I contact?

The Associate Registrar, Danielle Spinato at 202-319-6309, the Office of General Counsel 202-319-5142 or send your question to

I want to speak with someone directly about this training. Who do I contact?

The Director of Employment and Training/Development at 202-319-4177.

The confirmation page is asking for a CUA e-mail. I don’t have one. What should I do?

All employees of the university are provided a CUA e-mail address. Even if they don’t use them. For the purposes of this training, you are required to use your CUA e-mail address. Contact Technology Services or the HR Training Team to obtain your e-mail address.

Who owns the FERPA training?

The FERPA training pages are a stand alone system. Enrollment Services is responsible for the content while the Training Team is responsible for the set-up, participation tracking, and page maintenance.

Don’t see your question?

Contact us.