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Welcome to the Harassment Prevention Training website. It has been designed by the Office of Human Resources to serve as a site where Catholic University employees can access and complete online training in harassment prevention. I heartily endorse this training for three reasons.

First, as the University’s mission statement explains, our institution is “faithful to the teachings of Jesus Christ as handed on by the Church.” A core element of those teachings is a fundamental respect for the dignity of each human person.

Second, the assurance of equal opportunity for all and the opportunity to work in an environment that prohibits employee harassment and discrimination are protected by law and by our University policy

Third, beyond the imperative for us to be true to the law, our policy, and our mission, training is a useful exercise because it models exemplary practices, corrects misperceptions we may have, reminds us of the boundaries of acceptable behavior, and serves as a caution against actions we may contemplate in a moment of weakness. It shows us how to act virtuously.

To ensure that CUA maintains a workplace that is characterized by respect, civility, and fairness across all schools and offices of the University, all employees (faculty and staff) will be required to take this training once every two years. The training can be accomplished quickly and easily and participation will be tracked to ensure compliance.

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