The Catholic University of America

The material that follows is designed to inform members of the CUA community about the university’s equal employment opportunity (EEO) and sexual harassment policies, as well as to heighten awareness of the types of situations that may constitute harassment or discrimination. It includes information about what may constitute unlawful retaliation against those who complain about discrimination or harassment. You are required to complete this training every two (2) years.

We hope you will find this material informative and helpful. The training session takes approximately 25 minutes to complete and comprises of a video titled “Harassment Hurts: It’s Personal”. Please note, this video constitutes the core of this training. Therefore, you will be unable to forward past this video. If you are interrupted and need to return at a later date, you have the option of pausing.

To move onto the next page, click “Next”. To return to the previous page, choose the “Previous” button. For your participation to be recorded you must complete the confirmation page. When completed, you will receive an e-mail confirming your participation. Please keep a copy of this e-mail for your records. If you experience technical difficulties or have questions, refer to our FAQs. If you still require assistance, contact CPIT at 202-319-4357 (HELP) or contact the HR Training Team.

For optimal viewing, ensure the volume on your PC is turned on and all other windows are closed.