The Catholic University of America

FERPA Awareness Training

Welcome to the FERPA Training website. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act is a federal law that protects the privacy rights of students, specifically student records. As our University policy states, CUA employees “are morally bound to respect the rights of a student to good reputation and privacy by holding in confidence information they acquire in the course of their work.”

The law, and our policy, applies not only to current students but also to all individuals who have ever attended the University. As administrators, faculty, and staff at Catholic University, there is no obligation more important for us than the care and welfare of our students. One way in which we discharge this obligation is by safeguarding our students’ privacy and confidentiality. In so doing, we treat them with the respect and dignity that they deserve both as a matter of law and University policy and also in keeping with the values we uphold in furtherance of our Catholic mission. For all these reasons, I am happy to embrace this training and urge you to do likewise.

To ensure that we meet our own expectations and comply with federal law, the University is requiring that all employees (faculty and staff) take this training once every two years.  The training can be accomplished quickly and easily and participation will be tracked to ensure compliance.

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