The Catholic University of America

Why should I be concerned about FERPA?

  • As an employee of the university, you are legally and morally responsible for the protection of student privacy.
  • Everyone on campus is expected to act in a manner that protects student's right to privacy and also the university from adverse outcomes.
  • We are all responsible for proper handling and protection of education records that we access in our daily job functions. In addition, as members of the larger university community we should also assist our colleagues in protecting student education records.
  • If you come across records that you believe are not being handled/protected in a manner consistent with FERPA and university policy, you are not expected to confront another employee/office. Rather, you are asked to contact the Compliance and Privacy Officer as soon as possible.
  • For example, if you receive an email with education record information that is not intended for you please return it to the sender and let them know it was sent in error. 



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