The Catholic University of America

 What is an education record?

  • A record directly related to a student and maintained in any format by CUA or its agents (third parties working on CUA’s behalf).
  • Formats include handwritten materials, printed materials (e.g. letters, spreadsheets), electronic records, e-mails, videotapes, audiotapes, films, microfilms and microfiches.
  • Most records at CUA are protected as education records and include:
    • Documents in the Office of Enrollment Services
    • Printouts in your office
    • Disciplinary records
    • Student papers
    • Medical records used to document the need for special accommodations
    • Class rosters
    • Most notes taken during an advising session

What is not?

  • Law enforcement records only used for law enforcement purposes.
  • Employment records unless employment is contingent on a student’s status (e.g., student workers).
  • Non-circulating (sole possession) records such as a note to be used as a personal memory aid.
  • Alumni records created after the student is no longer in attendance and not related to their attendance. 



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