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 Can a student withhold directory information?

  • Yes, by completing the Request to Prevent Disclosure of Directory Information Form located on the forms page of the Enrollment Services website.
  • After the student submits the form to Enrollment Services, Enrollment Services then records it in Cardinal Students. To indicate non-disclosure, a ‘blue window shade’ icon is used:

  • If you are a Cardinal Students user, you will see the icon at the top of every page associated with that student’s record (see next page). Train your eye to look for this icon. It acts as a prompt not to disclose information unless:
    • the student is physically present with photo identification


    • the student has provided written and signed consent
    • If you do not have administrator access, contact your department or Enrollment Services for assistance.
    • If you receive a request for information about a student and that student’s record displays the blue window shade, the only acceptable response (if not a school official) is:

  • “I have no information available on an individual who matches the information you have provided”
    • You should never use a student’s social security number as the primary means of searching for information without written and signed consent.



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