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What is the process for obtaining written and signed consent?

  • An Education Record Release Form must be completed, signed and submitted by the student to Enrollment Services. The form is located on the Enrollment Services website under forms
  • Enrollment Services will log the release form in Cardinal Students. If a student has a release on file a red star indicator will appear on screens containing their record. The red star is used for other purposes as well, so to view whether a form is on file select the red star and then look for the REL indicator type. Clicking on the REL hyperlink will display who the student has authorized release of their information to and the types of information they are allowing to be released. 




  • You will only be able to see this star icon if you have access to Cardinal Students.
  • A student may also submit a written letter to the office that holds the record. Written consent must:
    • Be in writing
    • Be signed
    • Be dated
    • Specify the records to be disclosed
    • State the purpose of the disclosure
    • Identify to whom the disclosure may be made


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