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Are my day-to-day communications compliant with FERPA?

  • E-mail: E-mail messages containing education records should not be sent to any student other than the one to whom the record belongs. E-mail messages which do not include personally identifiable information and that refer generally to the education record, may be sent to more than 1 student if:

    • Individual e-mail messages are sent to each recipient.
    • Using a university created Google Group.
    • for faculty, using the “Notify” function in Cardinal Students or the “Send E-mail” option in Blackboard (see next pages). Both options automatically blind carbon copy (bcc) recipients.
    • Using a blind carbon copy (bcc). This is the least preferred method and should only be used only after consultation with your immediate supervisor. 
  • Signs and Lists: When creating lists, do not include non-directory information. If listing students, remove students who have requested non-disclosure, e.g., a School’s Dean’s List. Never use Social Security numbers on attendance sheets. Be careful using lists with student ID numbers. 
  • Cardinal Students Users: Log off or lock your keyboard (Control + Alt + Delete) when you are away from your computer and don’t allow others to look over your shoulder.
  • Faculty who use Turnitin or a similar service:  Remove personally identifiable information prior to submitting documents or have students submit their own papers directly and provide proof to the instructor.


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