The Catholic University of America

 What type of information is confidential?

1.   Student Information

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), requires us to protect student education records.  An “education record” is any document directly related to a student and kept by the university.  Protected student education records and information can be in any form (handwritten, printed, taped, filmed, electronic, etc.).

Written permission from a student to release the information from that student’s education record is usually required.

Do not access or use student education records or information unless you are authorized.

Do not share student education records or information that you have access to unless there is written permission from the student, or if there is a health or safety emergency...

Dealing with Students in Distress 

FERPA has exceptions for health and safety emergencies.  If you encounter a student in physical or mental distress, immediately connect that student with the appropriate University resources, and follow up with those resources.  It is not a violation of FERPA to report health and safety emergencies!  If you are in doubt, report the situation! 

Dean of Students tel. (202) 319-5619

Title IX Coordinator tel. (202) 319-4177

University Counseling Center tel. (202) 319-5765

Campus Ministry tel. (202) 319-5575

Disability Support Services tel. (202) 319-5211 

Center for Academic Success tel. tel. (202) 319-5655

Please note, you can always call the Catholic University Department of Public Safety, at 202-319-5111. This is the only phone number that is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. DPS has emergency contact information for all key staff.

All university employees are required to take the university’s online FERPA awareness training every two years.



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