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What type of information is confidential?

2.   Medical or Health Information

Information that relates to an individual’s medical or health condition or care is confidential and must be protected. Several types of documents that typically include medical or health information are:

  • Medical Histories
  • Test Results
  • Reports from doctors, counselors or other healthcare providers
  • Correspondence to or from doctors, hospitals, or other healthcare providers
  • Documents pertaining to a disability, or an accommodation for that disability
  • Insurance documents

Documents containing medical or health information are found in numerous types of university records, such as:

  • Student records:
        -  Records kept by Student Health Services or the Counseling Center
        -  Records kept by Disability Support Services
  • Employee records and other records kept by the Office of Human Resources
  • Employee personnel files that may be kept at the departmental/school/office level

Medical or health information may be in any form such as handwritten notes, printed, taped, filmed, electronic etc.


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