The Catholic University of America

What type of information is confidential?

3.   Personal Financial Information

Financial Information that is not available to the public is personal information, and must be protected.

Personal financial information may be found in university records, such as:

  • Student records including those kept by the Office of Financial Aid, or the Office of the Registrar
      e.g. bank account information, social security numbers for tax purposes.
  • Employee records and other records kept by the Office of Human Resources
      e.g. bank account information for payroll purposes, compensation information, retirement account            information.
  • Payroll records
      e.g. tax forms, compensation information.
  • Records kept by the Office of Institutional Advancement
      e.g. donor acknowledgement letters, gift agreements.
  • Accounts payable and purchasing records
      e.g. vendor registration forms, tax forms.



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